VJAA - Minneapolis, MN, USA

VJAA - Minneapolis, MN, USA

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“VJAA was founded in 1995 and is led by Principals Vincent James, Jennifer Yoos, and Nathan Knutson and three Senior Associates. It is a collaborative design studio with a commitment to design excellence and producing architecture that engages social, cultural, and environmental issues in a knowing and creative way. Through a research-based process that continually reconsiders the fundamentals of building design, program, site, materials, and structure, VJAA practice is committed to design excellence and innovative thinking on every project, regardless of budget, scope, or complexity. Sustainability and material craft are woven through the culture of the office and are central to its core values.”  vjaa.com


“VJAA is the recipient of the 2012 American Institute of Architects Firm Award. Since its founding, VJAA has received eighteen national design awards, including four National American Institute of Architects Honor Awards, six Progressive Architecture Awards, and two American Institute of Architects/Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Building Awards. In 2010, Architect Magazine ranked VJAA first in the United States for design recognition. 

The firm’s work has been published in Architecture, Architectural Record, Architecture Review (UK), A+U (Japan), The New York Times, Perspecta, Praxis, and in a number of books in the US and in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, India, China, and South America. The work of VJAA is also the subject of a monograph published by Princeton Architectural Press.”  vjaa.com