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"The LightHotel is a beacon for ecotourism and sustainable living in the Twin Cities. This transportable hotel room moves throughout Saint Paul and Minneapolis, occupying places both celebrated and ignored. The cities themselves are its lobby.

The interior is efficient and luxe, making the most of limited space within the salvaged 8’x20’ shipping container. Built for the year-round Minnesota climate, it features a spray foam shell, triple-glazed windows and doors, solar powered HVAC, LED lighting and hydronic infloor heat. The water system is self-contained, with a 250-gallon water tank that supplies an on-demand water heater and bio-filter for grey water. A high-end, roomy shower and separate toilet keep a body happy.  The LightHotel is a sleeping and lounging room/space so there's no kitchen (yay, no dishes!). Take advantage of its 'lobby', aka the surrounding community and order 'room service' delivery via one of the local restaurants.

Mechanical detritus and applied typographic overlays entertain and provide functional insight, while the attached, lighted stack serves as an iconic, glowing beacon. Window shrouds covered with 24K gold reinforce “living luxe with less”.  

The most sustainable part about LightHotel is its potential to inform people about the efficient systems that make it work. A digital dashboard plots water and power consumption and displays guests' photos and experiences as the LightHotel travels.

Led by Alchemy and weeHouse founder Geoffrey Warner, AIA, the LightHotel is part of an ongoing effort to celebrate and create new paradigms for efficient living. The LightHotel's high-end design creates a positive, aspirational experience to inspire an alternate way of consuming both energy and space.” Alchemy



The off-grid, roaming location. No hookups are required, leaving the LightHotel free to temporarily occupy both famous and underutilized urban locations. The Twin Cities becomes your “lobby” and “room service” is via local restaurants. Brilliant! Every stay is unique!

Tiny lux living. Yes, it’s one room, but the basics (thermal barriers, solar power, waste, water) and the high-end details (roomy shower, plush bed, terrace) are perfectly thought through.

The sustainable design. In addition to being self-contained and made out of a discarded 8’x 20’ shipping container, a digital dashboard plots your water and power consumption. 

It’s art! Staying at the LightHotel forces you to rethink assumptions.  How much space is enough? What constitutes architecture?  And what does luxury really mean?


Alchemy is the recipient of numerous awards, including: 
AIA Minnesota Honor Award, 2016
AIA National Small Projects Award, 2012
AIA MN Honor Award in Architecture, 2011
AIA National Award in Housing, 2010
AIA MN Honor Award in Architecture, 2010
AIA MN Honor Award in Architecture, 2010
AIA MN Home of the Month, 2009
AIA MN Honor Award in Architecture, 2008
AIA MN Emerging Talent Award, 2006
AIA MN Honor Award in Architecture, 2006

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