Guest FAQs

Why architectural hotel + vacation rentals?

At PlansMatter, when we travel we search for places to stay that are well designed and authentic. Places that will elevate our experience beyond keeping us warm and dry. Places that have architectural intention and a story to tell. Our goal is to make these places easily available for others to experience on their own.

What distinguishes the PlansMatter property collection?

PlansMatter is an aggregator of global architectural hotel + vacation rentals for the design savvy traveler. Each property is selected solely for architectural merit, as opposed to luxury or comfort. Consequently, our listings range from less than USD $100/night to more than USD $1000/night. By utilizing PlansMatter, you become part of our mission to promote the value of design and preserve significant architecture.

How do your listings work?

PlansMatter does not directly book or manage properties. Instead, we are a useful resource for design savvy travelers planning architectural destination trips. When you click the “Check Availability” button, you leave PlansMatter's website and are directed to a separate booking process managed by another party (it could be the owner, Airbnb, VRBO, etc.). This is where you ask any questions you may have about the property and complete the booking process.

Why isn't the "Check Availability" button working?

If the "Check Availability" button does not take you to a separate website in a new browser tab, please verify that your web browser enables pop-up windows. You may also need to clear your browser cache of corrupted temporary files and cookies.

  • Listing FAQs

    What distinguishes PlansMatter from other hotel + vacation rental sites?

    • Our focus is solely on hotel + vacation rentals designed by world-class architects.

    • Each PlansMatter listing is selected by us, based on architectural merit.

    • Our mission includes promoting the value of design and preserving significant architecture.

    Why would I want my hotel or vacation rental listed on PlansMatter?

    • Be part of a network dedicated to raising awareness of the value of architects and architecture.

    • Be in good company. We are only pursuing properties of the very highest design quality.

    • Your property will be shown to design driven guests in a clean, beautiful format, among a collection of other world-class properties.

    • Increased web exposure to architecture and design driven guests.

    What does it cost? How do I get started?

    PlansMatter is free of charge. If you would like your property listed on PlansMatter (or if you have recently stayed at a hotel or vacation rental you think we should know about) drop us a note! We review properties on a quarterly basis.

    Oops, I noticed PlansMatter is using, or has cited, an image improperly. What should I do?

    Send us a note! we will correct our error or take down the image immediately! Our mission is to promote the value of design and preserve significant architecture. We do not profit from this website.