Zumthor's Switzerland and MN Monthly Cover

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We spent the New Year on a pilgrimage to experience the work of Peter Zumthor in Switzerland.  

Our first stop was a one-week rental at Villa Vals (Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller, 2009), a house that was very “Dutch Design”. Too fabulous for words. Check out Scott’s video! You enter via a traditional barn, snake though an underground tunnel and finally pop up into an extraordinary bright, quirky, cozy, modern space. Loved it!

During our second week, we used Türmlihus (designed by Peter Zumthor himself in 2013) as a base for exploring his architecture: Therme Vals (1996), Saint Benedict’s Chapel (1988), Shelters for Roman Ruins (1986) and the Kunsthaus Bregenz (1997). All were all an easy day trip away. Staying at Türmlihus was like being inside a finely crafted cabinet - every last detail was thoughtfully considered.

Switzerland was drop dead gorgeous. Everything was beautifully designed, including streetlights, tunnels through the Alps and pedestrian handrails. Everything! 

PlansMatter in Minnesota Monthly

Wow. We are incredibly honored to have Sawtooth Cabin (Snow Kreilich Architects, 2008) on the cover of the latest Minnesota Monthly magazine as part of their Vacation Home Rental Guide!

Sawtooth Cabin (near Schroeder MN) and Gunflint Lake Cabin (north of Grand Marais MN) are both featured as two of the area's top 25 best private cabin getaways.  The cabins are available exclusively at PlansMatter.

Scott also had the pleasure of being at the cabin while photographer Corey Gaffer captured some beautiful images - as our chief photographer here at PlansMatter, Scott found the experience to be eye opening and picked up a few new tricks. 


Please, please, please - can we stay here? Is this the future of cabins? A simple platform for living? An experience somewhere between camping and a 4-season shelter? This would be amazing on the North Shore of Minnesota. Designed by Shin Ohori of General Design Co, Tokyo.

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