CASA FLOTANTA - Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica

CASA FLOTANTA - Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica


Studio Saxe

3 bedrooms/2 baths
USD $714 average/night

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"The house offers a unique living experience floating above the canopy of the jungle, totally surrounded by nature. It combines expansive ocean views, luxury interiors with premium service, infinity swimming pool, and all within walking distance to the beach.

The architect wanted the building to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Rather than dig into the hillside, prefab modules were set high on concrete piers to capture views and breezes. In addition, rainwater is collected via the shed roofs and a combination of locally-sourced sustainable woods blend seamlessly with the surroundings." VRBO



We stayed here for 7 nights in November, 2017

The breezes. Three prefab living and sleeping “pods” are set up high on concrete piers and connected with a bamboo walkway. Air circulates through the house keeping it naturally cool and insect free. It’s an elegant solution to a complex problem.

Living in nature. Each morning at the break of dawn we would open the wooden shutters and watch a nature show unfold: butterflies, birds, monkeys, raccoons, frogs, toads, bats and coati. We would listen to the roar of ocean waves below and watch the rain fall.

The entrance. When you arrive, you see the structure dramatically perched far above your head. The house is entered via a sequence of concrete, stone and wood steps, which is all very theatrical.

The engineering. How did they build this incredible house on such a steep slope in the middle of a jungle? It took our breath away. Wow!

The pool. Perfectly placed beside the house with it’s own private deck tucked under the house. Pure luxury.

The location. A quick walk to the beach and a short drive to Santa Teresa.


Benjamin Garcia Saxe set up his own practice in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2004, with the aim of exploring our relationship with the natural environment through architecture. Since then, Studio Saxe has grown into an award-winning international practice made up of a multidisciplinary team, creating buildings and spaces by blending technological innovation with handcrafted techniques to form truly sustainable designs. 

Shortlisted for "House of the Year" by The World Architecture News Awards (WAN), 2014
Five awards at the Costa Rican Binneal, 2015.

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