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“After 20 years of neglect, the Eppstein House – one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian homes - is now restored from top to bottom to its former glory.  This is a unique opportunity to call an architectural gem your own for a few days or longer.  The house contains original Frank Lloyd Wright furniture, along with other rare furniture and art pieces from the same time period.

There is climate control in all rooms (for future preservation of the house) and a new wood stove in the family room.  The bathrooms have been updated with mahogany and tiles that were produced in the 1950s. The bedrooms have new memory foam mattresses and bed linens. The plumbing and electricity have all been brought up to standard with the 21st century, with on-demand hot water supply.  Don't let the vintage look of the kitchen fool you - it has all the conveniences, including a dishwasher and a microwave.  French drain systems were installed, concrete floors were restored where necessary and a new roof was added.  Ceilings were reinforced in some rooms and all the ceilings and outside awnings were painted.  A master carpenter worked continuously to restore or rebuild fixtures, shelves and ledges.

Unlike some other Frank Lloyd Wright rentals the house will be completely yours. You do not share with others and there will be no visitor tours during your stay. You will have access to all rooms – with the exception of two private closets. Venture from room to room, stroll through and around the house, and admire every nook and cranny. There are three terraces around the house with garden furniture, where you can sit and relax and enjoy the views of unspoiled forest and greenery around you.

The house is located in an area called “the Acres” a plot of about 70 acres on which 21 homes were to be built, each on a circular parcel of land, leaving 50 acres of open space.  The residential community was one of two designed by Wright and the only remaining neighborhood fully designed by Wright.

Please note the house is not suitable for children under 15.” Marika Broere (owner and interior design)



Usonian architecture. This is the style Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned for middle-class American living. Wow. How inspirational.

The respectful restoration. We know how difficult it must have been to adhere to the original architecture while - at the same time - adding modern conveniences. Huge thanks to the new owners for making “seamless” and “invisible” design decisions. Impeccable!   

The interiors. It’s obvious the furnishing were selected with a lot of love and care. The fabrics, furniture, books, appliances and colors all seem perfect. Every nook and every detail is thought through. Nicely done!

The Acres. The community master plan, also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, includes 21 one-acre circular plots and 50 acres of common space. Circular plots? Too cool!


Wright has received much honorary recognition for his lifetime achievements.  He received Gold Medal awards from The Royal Institute of British Architects (1941) and the American Institute of Architects (1949).  He was awarded the Franklin Institute's Frank P. Brown Medal (1953) and he was honored by the United States Postal Service with a Prominent Americans postage stamp (1966).  In 2000, Fallingwater was named "The Building of the 20th century” at the AIA national convention. 

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