BJARNE MASTENBROEK - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BJARNE MASTENBROEK - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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“SeARCH stands for Stedenbouw en ARCHitectuur (Urban Planning & Architecture). They are a leading architecture and urban design bureau based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with an international staff of architects and professionals working on projects around the world.  Bjarne Mastenbroek founded SeARCH in 2002, and has established a practice characterized by a continuous exploration into the intimate and reciprocal relationship between architecture and site.   

Their projects are conceived as landscapes - the most essential and generous element. Without boundaries, landscapes are endless and open; they connect architecture with urban, interior with exterior. Through careful consideration of the surrounding environment, SeARCH is able to introduce a high degree of sustainability and awareness into our projects. As Dutch architects, they are well aware of the scarcity of land and believe strongly in using this resource more intelligently in order to give 'nature' more space to survive. SeARCH believes in collaboration; with clients, users, and specialists. This sets the stage to create innovative, original and unexpected design solutions.

When it comes to innovation, everyday life is a ‘horn of plenty’. for SeaRCH. Their strategy is pragmatic: they assemble information and forms and establish novel relationships between them. The outcome is a collection of highly specific buildings that dovetail with history and function. In their opinion the context, i.e. that which already exists, is a starting point, not an authoritative guidebook. They want to free our architecture from superimposed rules and regularities, making it unpredictable and at the same time self evident.”


Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award, 2016
Architizer A+ Award Residential Mid-Rise, 2013
MIPIM Award Best Residential Development, 2013
Green Good Design Award, 2013
Nomination AIT Award Luxury Living, 2012
Golden AAP Architecture Prize Amsterdam, 2011
Wallpaper* Design Award, 2011
Brick Award, 2010
Chicago Athenaeum Green Good Design Award, 2010
Nomination National Stealprice, 2010
Nomination Amsterdam Architecture Price (A.A.P.) for Housing, 2010
Architect of the Year, 2009
Winner Arie Keppler Prijs of the Foundation Welstandszorg Noord-Holland, 2009
National VVV Prize, 2009
Nomination Scholenbouworijs, 2008
Golden Pyramid Prize, 2007
Aga Khan Award, 2007
Architectural Record Design Vanguard, 2006
Achterhoek Architecture Prize, 2005
Golden Pyramid Prize, 2004
Nomination AM-NAi Prize, 2004
Golden Pyramid Prize, 2003
Nomination Wood Prize Architecture, 2003
Dutch School Prize, 2003
Nomination Mies van der Rohe Award, 2003
Piramide Housing Prize, 2000
Honorable Mention Apeldoorn Architecture Prize, 2000
Grand Prix Rhénan d'Architecture, 2000
Honorable Mention Dutch Concrete Award, 2000
Honorable Mention Dutch Steel Award, 1998
Charlotte Köhler Prize, 1995
Second Prize Court for the 21st Century Competition, 1992
First Prize EuroPAN II, 1991
First Prize Archiprix National Graduation Award, 1990