LAURA ALVAREZ ARCHITECTURE - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

LAURA ALVAREZ ARCHITECTURE - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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"Laura Alvarez Architecture (LAA) is a young international architectural practice based in Amsterdam. After extensive work experience at renowned architectural offices such as Mecanoo, SeARCH, Benthem Crouwel and Carlos Ferrater, the company was founded in 2008 by Laura Alvarez.

LAA has deliberately chosen not to focus on a single discipline. She believes that both architecture, landscape architecture and urban are crucial ingredients for a successful and integrated architectural design. In all the projects she begins with a detailed and thoughtful analysis of the context; both physical, global, historical and cultural and at the same time the needs of the client and users.

For LAA designing a building is a multidisciplinary and participatory process in which the continuous relationship between program, user and context is questioned, tested and evaluated. Through intensive cooperation from the very beginning with clients, consultants and users, each design has a multiple authorship, and can be seen as an intelligent construction of choices and ideas.

The broad interest in architecture is also reflected in the active role of the partner in education. Laura Alvarez teaches Master Class of Architecture since 2007 at TU Delft, Interiors, Buildings and Cities." LAA


As recognition of her work, Laura Alvarez has won a considerable amount of awards, among others the Europe 40 under 40 award, First Prize Europan 13 Santo Tirso, First Prize New Faculty Bouwkunde in Delft and First prize Life-Cycle homes in Groningen.