AWASI PATAGONIA - Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

AWASI PATAGONIA - Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


Felipe Assadi

Main Lodge + 14 Villas
3 nights from $3600/person
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"Inspired by old Patagonian shelters and ranching outposts, we have built only fourteen villas (one of them with two suites) in our private reserve. These are positioned in such as way as to ensure the utmost privacy and also offer the best views of the forest, Lake Sarmiento, the pampas and Torres del Paine."



The site plan. Instead of being one large structure, the complex is broken up into individual buildings that are strewn across the vast windswept landscape, allowing them to quietly recede. Torres del Paine is the showpiece, not the architecture.

The simple modular construction. The design is based on traditional construction techniques and materials from the region. While the details are not complicated, the 1-meter modulation of black columns resemble trees, further helping to integrate the buildings into the landscape.

The location.  Located on a private reserve adjacent to Torres del Paine with unparalleled views.


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“Promoción Joven” Prize for the Best Architect Under 30, Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile, 1999

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