REMOTA PATAGONIA LODGE - Puerto Natales, Chile

REMOTA PATAGONIA LODGE - Puerto Natales, Chile


Germán del Sol

King and Double Queen Rooms

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"Remota is a world class refuge in Chilean Patagonia, where guests are received and welcomed like visitors to a grand house. The lodge has 72 rooms, including a pool, sauna, hot tubs, bar and restaurant.

The sustainable architecture, by Germán del Sol, was inspired by traditional Patagonian sheep sheering sheds (estancias) and designed to fit seamlessly into the landscape. There are many common areas that overlook the mountains, fjords and glaciers and allow for quiet contemplation.

Remota's primary objective is to show guests the natural wonders of the surrounding area. Guides are trained in history, geology, paleontology, glaciology, and local flora and fauna. They offer many unique and unforgettable excursions."



We stayed here for 10 nights in January, 2015.

The meandering layout. You feel comfortable wandering around the elongated corridors with their repetitive columns, gradual ramps and expansive views. It almost seems as if you are walking in the natural landscape.

The materials. Grass roof, boulders in the landscape, wild flowers blowing in the wind and traditional sheep shed cladding. All simple and elegant.  

The pool. You have to leave the warm hotel interior and feel the wind on your face (just for a moment) prior to taking a swim or sauna in a separate building. Brilliant.

The location. Just outside of Puerto Natales and right on the sea.  Torres del Paine is an easy day trip away. 


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With dozens of prestigious prizes already to his name, in 2006 Germán del Sol was awarded the nation's highest accolade for an architect, the National Prize for Architecture from the Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile.

ArchDaily - Remota Hotel in Patagonia / Germán del Sol


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